Branch 104 minutes

13 AUG 2018

1901 Meeting was called to order with proper ceremony and the opening of the Bible. The following shipmates were present: Batnick, Casto, Faubion, Johnson, Jones, McInerney, Peters, Pollard, Wallace, and Wilson.

1905 The minutes were called for discussed and approved.

1907 Committee Reports:

Legislative: S/M Fugich is now heading up VLC.

Youth Activities: NTR

Americanism/Patriotism: Per S/M LaChapelle, information on the essay contest is now on Peachjar. Peachjar is the program utilized by school systems in the area to promote scholarship opportunities.

Membership: 115 members in good standing. Two members past due. Peters and Long. Shipmate Bill Hrbacek passed away on 17 July. His internment at Tahoma Nation will be on 24 August at 1130.

Public Relations: Website needs updated. Suggest maybe that instead of announcing meetings on first page of website that it just advises that our meetings are always the second Monday of each month. Washington State Fair booth coming 13, 16, and 17 September.

Finance and Audit: Books audited. New fiscal year started 01 July.

Health and Welfare: Members on the binnacle list: Doskow, Leaf, Peterson, Thompson, Santos, Barrett.

Service Officer: NTR


1919 Communications:

(1) Message from VAVS Rep S/M Felthouse. Orientation at American Lake. Still need to verify date.

1923 Treasurers Report: Submitted and approved. (See attached)

1924 Unfinished Business:

(1) NW Regional Convention 17-18 August in Boise, ID. S/M Johnson, Faubion, Felthouse, and Wallace plan to attend.

(2) National Convention, 23-30 September, San Antonio, TX. S/M Johnson attending.

(3) Branch Picnic, Combined picnic with the American Legion will be held at Veterans Park in Puyallup on 08 SEP. Start time for the picnic is 1200. FRA has the lead on organizing and funding the picnic this year. Motion to expend up to $150.00 for picnic. Passed.

(4) Request for funding of a DVD replicator from American Lake through our VAVS representative. VAVS rep not in attendance. Motion tabled awaiting more information.

(5) Washington State Fair booth coming up next month. Clipboard is being passed around for sign up to work the booth.

1933 New Business:

(1) VFW is doing some upgrades to the Post internal and external lighting. Approx cost of the upgrades is $6400.00 with a rebate from PSE when project is complete. Motion was made to donate to the cause since we are tenants of the Post and pay no rent. Motion was tabled.

(2) Effort to recognize Lt Victor Kandle, 1939 graduate of PHS and a Medal of Honor recipient. Plan is for a monument at PHS, approximate cost $6,500.00. M/S/P to donate $200.00 to the cause.

(3) Next Orting Bingo is 29 SEP.

1954 Good of the Order:

(1) New dental plan coming the first of the year.

1955 The meeting was closed with proper ceremony and the closing of the Bible.

Rex Faubion