Branch 104 minutes

11 December 2018

1852 Meeting was called to order with proper ceremony and the opening of the Bible. The following shipmates were present: Barrett, Batnick, Faubion, Felthouse, Johnson, LaChapelle, McInerney, Peters, Ramirez, Shriver, Wallace, and Wilson.

1855 The minutes were called for, passed out, discussed, and approved.

1856 Committee Reports:

Legislative: S/M LaChapelle. PCVAC last meeting cancelled.

Youth Activities: NTR

Membership: 113 members in good standing. Now in Group III for reporting requirements. This mainly affects our end of year reporting.

Americanism/Patriotism: S/M Barrett reported that 75 essays received. Meeting to judge entries on 11 January, 1130 at Anahuac Mexican Restaurant on Pacific Ave. New Region Chair for Americanism/Patriotism is PRPNW Peg Burke.

Public Relations: Website up to date.

Finance and Audit: Books audited by S/M LaCahpelle.

Health and Welfare: Members on the binnacle list: Doskow, Leaf, Peterson, Santos, and Clark.

Service Officer: NTR

VAVS: S/M Felthouse reported on recent VAVS meeting at American Lake. Staff in process of putting gift bags together for Christmas. S/M Felthouse celebrated the Marine Corps Birthday at American Lake by passing out pins and thank you to Marine Corps vets. Need to set new goal for upcoming new year, will continue with recognizing the service birthdays. Always looking for volunteers at American Lake.

1922 Communications:

(1) Seattle Branch 018 Newsletter

(2) 3rd Qtr. Financials from National.

1925 Treasurers Report: Submitted, see attached. 2.75% on new CD renewal. New budget approved at BOD meeting brought before membership. Motion/second/passed for approval.

1930 Unfinished Business:

(1) Christmas Breakfast, Homestead Restaurant for Saturday, 15 DEC. 0800. So far 30 people have signed up to attend.

(2) Contact cards for FRA Branch 104 received and available for handout.

(3) Ceremonial U.S. Flag at Stadium High School was damaged when brought in after Veterans Day. Flag is 20 x 30 and cost is around $700.00. Previous discussion was to help in replacement of the Flag. S/M Faubion will get further information on the Flag and get estimates for replacement.

(4) Orting Bingo – 29 DEC, Barrett, Felthouse, Johnson, Jones, and Peters will attend.

1940 New Business: NTR

1941 Good of the Order:

(1) S/M Batnick has 100th anniversary pins available for WA American Legion.

(2) S/M Wallace recognized for 5 years continuous membership.

(3) S/M Johnson advised that the National Chief Petty Officers Association is being revitalized. We have several members affiliated in Branch 104. National Conventions will now be held every two years. Next convention will be in Las Vegas. Date?

1950 Meeting was closed with proper ceremony and closing of the Bible.

Rex Faubion

Mt Rainier Branch 104, Secretary