Branch 104 minutes

13 February 2018

1908 Meeting was called to order with proper ceremony and the opening of the Bible. The following shipmates were present: Batnick, Casto, Eller, Felthouse, Faubion, Jimenez, Jones, Johnson, Leaf, McInerney, Peters, Robbins, Thompson, Wallace, and RPNW Roger Christopher.

1910 The minutes were distributed to those not receiving via email. Minutes approved.

1912 Committee Reports:

Legislative: List of current bills making progress at the state Legislature wrt veterans received from S/M Fugich.

Youth Activities: S/M Johnson volunteered at Bethel HS JROTC drill competition recently. S/M Pollard, Spanaway Lake HS NJROTC instructor participated in drill competition with her unit also.

Americanism/Patriotism: Essay contest judging at the Branch level completed. First place winners at each grade level forwarded to Region for judging. Very good representation from schools throughout our area. Thanks to S/M Barrett for leading the charge this year as the Chairman. Thanks also to Shipmates Mary Hrbacek and LaChapelle for getting the word out to schools. Award ceremony will be held at our April meeting. Also, the April meeting will be held at American Legion Post 67 in Puyallup. Award levels are $75/50/25 in each grade level from the Branch.

Membership: 119 members in good standing. 31 MAR 2017 we were at 116 so we are looking good percentage wise. Remember when talking with perspective members, our Branch pays the second year membership dues. So, for $40.00 new members get two years. Applications need to be forwarded through the Branch for this to happen. Wallet size membership applications available. Carry them and let’s increase our membership.

Public Relations: Website updated.

Finance and Audit: Books to be audited by S/M Jones.

Health and Welfare: S/M Robbins reported on the condition of Doskow, Petersen, Leaf. Start tracking your volunteer hours if you have done so already. Our reports that go on to Regional and National are yearly reports. Let’s make them accurate.

1930 Communications:

(1) Thank you notes from Spanaway Lakes HS for donations from Branch.

(2) FRA Membership Newsletter – MAR 31 is end of year for recruiting.

(3) Branch 18 newsletter.

(4) Newsletter #1 for National Convention in San Antonio, September.

(5) Newsletter #1 for Regional Convention in Boise, August.

(6) Future Teams, Puyallup School District, Robotics seeking sponsorship donations.

1943 Introduction of RPNW Roger Christopher and prospective member, Joe Jimenez.

1944 Treasurers Report: Submitted and approved.

1950 Unfinished Business:

(1) Discussed the cost of the flag having the name changed versus the cost of one done in a silk screen similar to the banner. That would be just a one-sided flag. After more discussion, it was decided to table the idea due to cost.

(2) Discussed merger with West Coast Region. This was approved at last months meeting and results have been relayed to RPNW.

1935 New Business:

(1) Orting Bingo on 31 MAR.

(2) First nominations for officers for the upcoming year at the APR meeting. Second nominations and vote at the meeting in MAY. S/M Johnson has stated that he will not be in office next year. We need someone to step up.

2000 Good of the Order:

(1) Joe Jimenez introduced himself as a prospective member. A Marine Corp Veteran, Joe is heavily involved with the VFW and serves as a Service Officer at VFW HQ in Fife and also SR Vice at VFW Post 969 in Tacoma.

(2) S/M NW Region President Roger Christopher addressed the Branch. He is a member of Gem State Branch 382 in Boise and encouraged us to make the trip to Boise for the Regional Convention in AUG. He spoke of some of the plans for the convention. He expressed the need for individuals to step up to fill needed positions at the Regional level. Region VP, Region Secretary/Treasurer, Membership Chair. RPNW Christopher made a presentation of 3rd Place Ribbon from the National Convention for Hospital Welfare.

(3) S/M Robbins advised there is a USO phone app which is available that makes checking into and in at USO’s worldwide.

(4) S/M Batnick advised about upcoming Tacoma Dome Veterans Resource Fair on 28 APR.

Further New Business:

S/M Felthouse, Veterans Affairs Volunteer Service Representative at American Lake for the FRA. As a member or representative on VAVS for the FRA he needs to set a goal of what the FRA is going to do in the coming year for patients assigned to American Lake. There are approximately 170 veterans residing at American Lake at a given time in the Blind Rehab, Community Living Center, or the Domiciliary. S/M Felthouse explained his proposal was to recognize all the veterans but to concentrate on the sea services. He will finalize plans and will require some needed participation from the Branch. It was motioned, second, and passed to support his efforts.

2027 The meeting was closed with proper ceremony and the closing of the Bible.