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Fleet Reserve Association

Branch 104

8 JUN 2020

Meeting for June was conducted via online meeting application, ZOOM.COM, and was hosted by S/M Branch President Len Barrett. Following Shipmates checked in and participated in the meeting: Mike Batnick, Rex Faubion, Don Felthouse, Doug Johnson, John Johnson, Jim Jones, Ernie LaChapelle, Russ Peters, Alvie Robbins, Tom Shriver, Jim Wallace, and Richard Wilson.

1921 Opening Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, and Preamble.

Installation of Officers completed by PNP Marvin W. Johnson.

President – Len Barrett, Secretary – Rex Faubion, Treasurer – Russ Peters

Board of Directors: Mike Batnick, Jim Jones, Tom Shriver, Jim Wallace, and Rich Wilson.

The following officers were appointed by the Branch President:

MAA – Don Felthouse Chaplain – Alvie Robbins Parliamentarian – Rich Wilson

The minutes were called and approved as previously submitted.

Committee Reports:

Legislative: NTR.

Youth Activities: Medal and certificate to new Cadet Commanding Officer of NJROTC Stadium HS. Nothing heard from Roger HS, Spanaway Lake.

Membership: 95 members in good standing. One member past due as of 04/30/2020 was contacted and hopefully will be renewing.

Americanism/Patriotism: S/M Barrett reported two checks still outstanding for contestants. Grand prize winner from last year essay contest from Branch 038 in Spokane, WA. Contestant also placed first in 12th grade category. Total prize awarded was $7,500.00. Title for next years contest is “The Bill of Rights and me.”

Public Relations: S/M Wilson updated on Newsletter. Website up to date. Facebook page is active.

Finance and Audit: NTR

Health and Welfare: S/M Eller. Chaplain Alvie Robbins working on call list/Buddy Check.

Service Officer: NTR

VAVS: S/M Felthouse advised that conversations with Rex Rimando, VA American Lake Volunteer Coordinator. Still not having volunteers at American Lake. No word on appointment of Joe Jiminez as Assistant VAVS Representative. (Still waiting on letter from National.)

Communications: (1) Nominating Resolution for NW President – Danny Hunt, Branch 382. (2) Nominating Resolution for NW VP – Michelle Davis, Branch 038. (3) FRA Membership Newsletter for June 2020.

Treasurers Report: Not Available.

Unfinished Business:

(1) 27-29 AUG 2020 is the NW Region Convention at LaQuinta Inn Tacoma. 01 AUG is cut off date of determination for cancellation.

(2) 27 SEP – 04 OCT 2020 is National Convention at Airport Sheraton, Portland, OR.

Both the Region and National Conventions are still on the schedule and planning is ongoing.

New Business: (1) Request from S/M Barrett to fund cost of yearly subscription for online meeting, Zoom. Cost is $114.79. Motion was made by S/M Batnick and second by S/M Jones to fund Zoom subscription for one year. Motion passed.

Good of the Order: (1) Question concerning credentials for delegates for Regional and National Conventions? Deadline for National is 01 SEP.

(2) Regional Convention will require volunteers for ceremony: S/M Faubion will participate in opening ceremony. Two Bell ceremony: S/M Barrett and John Johnson. MAA: S/M Batnick and Felthouse. Treasurer: S/M Peters. Hospitality: S/M Jones.

(3) VFW Post Lounge is open for business on a restricted basis. Check the rules and wear your mask. Check VFW Facebook for evening meals.

(4) Question on returning to normal face to face meetings? No set time but we will have to be in Phase 3 before it happens. Until then, see you on Zoom.

2011 Meeting adjourned.

Next regularly scheduled meeting will be on 13 July 2020.

Rex Faubion

Mt Rainier Branch 104, Secretary